Material on the French school of political economy

Pierre de Boisguilbert (1646-1714)

Hazel Van Dyke Roberts, Boisguilbert: economist of the reign of Louis XIV, New York, Columbia University Press, 1935

“Boisguilbert: An Early French Economist“, 1873, Westminster Review

Vauban (1633-1707)

A Project for a Royal Tythe, or General Tax, which by suppressing all the ancient funds and later projects for raising the public revenues, and for ever abolishing all exemptions, unequal assessments, and all rigours and oppressive distraining of people, will furnish the government a fixt and certain revenue, sufficient for all its exigencies and occasions, without oppressing the subjects, London, 1708 (see also the 1710 edition) 

Richard Cantillon (1680-1734)

Essai on the nature of commerce in general, translation Henry Higgs, 1959 ; translation Chantal Saucier, 2010

Introduction by Friedrich A. Hayek for Hella Hayek’s 1931 German edition of Richard Cantillon’s Essai.

Antoin Murphy, “Richard Cantillon: banker and economist”, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 7, Number 2 (1985)

Mark Thornton, “Cantillon and the Invisible Hand”, 2009, Quaterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Marquis d’Argenson (1694-1757)

Letter to the marquis Belloni (on the laissez-faire), Journal oeconomique (1751), translated in english for the Select Essays on Commerce, Agriculture, Mines, Fisheries, and Other Useful Subjects (London, 1754), pp.328-335

Journal and memoirs of the Marquis d’Argenson published from the autograph MSS. in the library of the Louvre by E.J.B. Rathery; with an introd. by C.A. Sainte-Beuve. Translated by Katharine P. Wormele. Volume 1, Volume 2

Vincent de Gournay (1712-1759)

Turgot, In Praise of Gournay (1759), in The Turgot collection

François Quesnay (1694-1774) and Physiocracy

Henry Higgs, The Physiocrats: Six Lectures on the French économistes  of the 18th Century, Macmillan, 1897

Quesnay, General Maxims for the Economic Government of an Agricultural Kingdom

On Natural Rights

Tableau économique

Despotism in China, in Maverick, China, A model for Europe, volume 2

Turgot (1727-1781)

The Turgot collection, edited by the Mises Institute

Reflexions on the formation and distribution of riches

Condorcet, Life of M. Turgot

Léon Say, Turgot

Murray Rothbard, “The brillance of Turgot”, in Austrian perspective on the history of economic thought

Condillac (1715-1780)

Commerce and government considered in their mutual relationship

Jean-Baptiste Say

A treatise on political economy

Letters to Malthus

Catechism of political economy

Destutt de Tracy

A treatise on political economy

A commentary and review of Montesquieu’s Spirit of Laws

Benjamin Constant and the Groupe de Coppet

Principles of politics applicable to all governments

The liberty of ancients compared with that of moderns

Gilbert Guillaumin (editor)

David Hart on Guillaumin

Frédéric Bastiat

The State

The Law

Economic Harmonies

Selected Essays

Petition of candlestickmakers

What is Seen and What is Not Seen

Economic sophisms

Gustave de Molinari

The Society of Tomorrow


The Production of Security. New York: Center for Libertarian Studies, 1977.

Yves Guyot

Socialistic fallacies

The Comedy of Protection

The Tyranny of Socialism

Where and Why Public Ownership has Failed


Causes and consequences of war

Economic Prejudices

The Sugar Question in 1901

The American commercial center in Europe

Principles of social economy

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