Laissons Faire

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In order to meet a growing demand, the Institut Coppet designed and implemented a review entitled Laissons Faire. Our goal with this journal is to offer a relevant publication to challenge the economic misconceptions of our time, and increase awareness about the French Classical Liberal School. This is a new way for us to spread the message of liberty and highlight the lack of liberty-minded politicians in France.

After 22 issues in French (list and download links available on this page), we decided to join a quaterly international edition, in English.

Laissons Faire, international edition, No. 1


  • Tribute to Michel Leter, by Benoît Malbranque
  • Bastiat as philosopher, by Damien Theillier
  • Doing without doing: a Chinese economic strategy, by Romain Bernard
  • The faubourg Saint-Antoine. Freedom of work in Ancien régime France, by Benoît Malbranque
  • Government against railroad transportation, by Louis Rouanet
  • Ten unpublished articles of the young Frédéric Bastiat, translated by David Hart
  • Anne-Claire Hoyng, Smith & Turgot : a curious resemblance, critical review by Benoît Malbranque